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MTS Frames, Inc. is excited to announce our new business relationship. MDS Frames, a division of Blue Ridge Moulding, Inc. will produce our readymade picture frames. Blue Ridge Moulding, Inc. has been in the picture frame industry for more than 30 years. My new company name is Maxem Advantage, LLC. Below is all of my contact information, as I will handle all of your sales and account inquiries.

I believe that Blue Ridge Moulding, Inc. is a perfect fit for our new venture. We share many of the same principles, such as producing quality readymade frames as well as providing timely service. I have experienced these attributes for many years because Blue Ridge Moulding, Inc. had been producing our finished length moulding.

All shipments will be from MDS Frames (division of Blue Ridge Moulding, Inc.) 619 Warwick St. Roanoke, VA 24015.

Rest assured, there are very limited changes that you will need to make on your part. All of the style numbers and barcodes will remain the same. Please send all inquiries to Maxem Advantage, LLC.

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Marc Friedlander
MA X EM Advantage
4990 Sadler Rd. #2833
PO Box 2833
Glen Allen, VA 23058